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gamrTV Weekly - Quality vs. Quantity: The Limits of Physical Media

Original, PC, PS3, X360, DS

This week on gamrTV Weekly: Deus Ex DLC, Diablo III, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are in the news. Reviews of Disgaea 4, F1 2011, Kirby: Mass Attack, and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Finally, VGChartz Editor-in-Chief, Chris M. Arnone, talks about the compromise in modern gaming between quantity and quality and how physical media limitations play into that debate.

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  • Post posted on 28 September 2011
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GamesBond (on 30 September 2011)

Quality AND Quantity The word "quality" encompasses so much that I dont believe any gamer would want to sacrifice that. "Excuse me Developers, but do you think you can turn up the awful and make the game longer?" Gamer's dont want to sacrifice a quality experience, however Gamer's dont want a game that amounts to a "quicky" either. "Quantity" is made to enhance the quality. No one wants to play 100 hours or a crappy game and at 60 bucks, 4 hour games can just leave you feeling ripped off. So quality versus Quantity? We want BOTH. And when we dont get Both, we complain. as far as Digital versus Physical; The old saying "you are only as strong as your weakest link" or when traveling "you are only as fast as your slowest man", unfortunately in multi-platform games this applies. Developers must fit their game on 4.7 gig DVD as opposed to fully utilizing the 60+ gig Blu-ray.

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 30 September 2011)

reposting cause of lack of spacing and to make sure its readable. Quality over quantity every time but i won't buy a 5 to 6 hr game. its hard for Developers to provide both but its a balance that they'll have to get right. if Irrational, Insomniac, ND, Epic, Rockstar teams, and suckerpunch, can provide quality and quantity i don't see why anyone else can't. Team Bondi didn't want to use dual layer'd bluray disk for PS3, and currently no one has reach the limits of what Bluray provides but i'd like to see it done. if were looking for physical media that can provide for more space i'd recommend sd cards or flash-drives which are still under valued and has its fair share of limitations. i mean i haven't seen a 100g flash drive or Sd memory card and i could only assume cost is the reason. as for cloud and digital distribution. its a match made in heaven, but concerning digital download to hard drive there's only one problem i see and that's corrupted data. if you save a game you purchased digitally just like with any other save file there's the chance it could become corrupted and you've just lost $40, but i'm sure that's rare.

binary solo (on 29 September 2011)

I don't know how many discs LA Noire ships on for 360, but I don't believe for a minute that they ran out of room on a dual layered Blu-ray disc that required the exclusion of 11 missions. So I don't actually agree that the most up to date physical media is a limiting factor in terms of giving games of high technical quality and long game duration. So I don;t think you delivered a valid argument for why we should get behind digital distribution as the primary means of game distribution. Internet speeds around the world need to go up by 2 orders of magnitude before I want to have to download a game that's too large to fit onto 66GB of Blu-ray disc. And ISPs need to have plans with no data caps. Otherwise forget it.

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 29 September 2011)

they didn't even use dual layered bluray, only the single layer!

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thismeintiel (on 29 September 2011)

I'll always support physical media. I enjoy actually owning my games, where I can play them under any situation, given my system is working. With DLC, if the company goes out of business or for any reason decides to no longer keep older games on their servers, the owner is basically screwed if something happens to the drive the games were stored on. Plus, with Blu-ray, we don't need to worry about running about of space for quit some time. The only problem this gen is the 360 is still using DVDs, something a multi-plat developer has to keep in mind. But next gen, MS should be switching to Blu-ray, so there won't be those limitations.

padib (on 28 September 2011)

Regarding Physical media, I don't think we're at the limit yet in terms of content. As you said in the last weekly they could have used a dual layer disk as they did for FFXIII but opted out. On top of that, could it have possibly been used as an excuse to hide possible time/cost contraints they were facing. Let's not forget much of the L.A. Noire devs in Czech Republic lost their jobs after the release. Also, we have the fact that much of this content requires increasingly unfeasible costs, and takes focus away from more core gaming elements, like what was appreciated in Disgaea 4. So, will realism come at a cost of more important gaming elements? If the size is kept restricitive, wouldn't it be better for game quality in the bigger picture. Now, I'm not advocating for more restrictive media, but not only is the limit not yet reached, the very fact that it is being reached prematurely is a bad sign for gaming in my view.